C. A. Preece



Two cousins + one radiation accident = the ability to see and manipulate atoms like never before. Suzie and Diego become two unlikely superheroes, determined to save the world from a monster created by the same thing that gave them powers.

NGSS compliant and classroom-friendly for teachers, yet monster-filled and superpower-fueled for teen readers, CheMystery offers a superhero tale with a mystery that only science can solve.

C. A. Preece

C. A. Preece is a high school chemistry teacher and has been for seven beautiful years. Using facilitated diffusion, knowledge was beaten into his fertile mind at Morehead State University and the University of Kentucky granting him the power of holding a piece of paper that says: Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry at Morehead State University as well as a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. In addition, he has taken 30+ graduate chemistry and education hours from the University of Kentucky in the pursuit of a Ph.D. in S.T.E.M. Education.

Along with teaching and grad school, Preece writes! His first publication was July 2017 with CheMystery, a graphic novel aimed at providing quality chemistry knowledge through the lens of superheroes. Also, Preece does science consulting. He has had the pleasure of assisting Frank Barbiere, Greg Rucka and the creators of Doctor Puppet on projects. Read more about his work at his website.


Friday, October 19

12:00-12:45pm • Panel Discussion – Epic Landscapes and a Hint of Mystery

Location: DSU 3005

Learn the recipe to writing fascinating tales weaved from fact and fiction. From books set in the Roaring Twenties to a magical orchard to the chemistry classroom—and beyond—these authors are master mixers of real and imagined landscapes.

Along with these authors:
Kristin O’Donnell Tubb
Skila Brown
Daphne Kalmar
Rebecca Caprara
Lindsey S. Frantz

6:00-6:45pmPanel Discussion – Comics & Coffee

Location:  Starbucks Coffee (360 E 8th Ave.)

These awesome nerds have found a way to combine their interests and their writing to make adventure-filled books that draw you in from page one. From comics to horror, sci-fi to historical fiction or new spins on fairy tales—these authors are sure to entertain and elevate your imagination.

Along with these authors:
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