Daphne Kalmar

A Stitch in Time

Historical Fiction

1927, Cobden VT –
Donut is an eleven-year-old geography buff who keeps her taxidermied mice hidden in her late mother’s hope chest. Her pops passed away, leaving her an orphan. Aunt Agnes has moved in, bringing along her lumpy oatmeal, her knitting, and a plan to drag Donut off to Boston forever.

Donut stands to lose everything: her friends, her village, her home, and the Vermont woods where memories of her pops are stored up.
While Donut dodges the ache of missing her pops, she and her best friend, Tiny, plan how to keep her where she belongs.

A Stitch in Timeis shot through with gorgeous, evocative language and shines a light on Donut’s fierce and grieving heart.

Daphne Kalmar

Daphne Kalmar lives in Hardwick, Vermont. She was an elementary and middle school teacher for 20 years and taught in Vermont, California, and Massachusetts. Exploring the natural world with kids was her passion as an educator—she owned seventy-five pairs of rubber boots so she could outfit each new class in September and lead weekly expeditions to local creeks and ponds. She has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Read more at https://daphnekalmar.com.


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