maura milan

Ignite the Stars


Everyone in the universe knows his name. Everyone in the universe fears him. But no one realizes that notorious outlaw Ia Cocha is a seventeen-year-old girl.

A criminal mastermind and unrivaled pilot, Ia has spent her life terrorizing the Olympus Commonwealth, the imperialist nation that destroyed her home. When the Commonwealth captures her and her true identity is exposed, they see Ia’s age and talent as an opportunity: by forcing her to serve them, they will prove that no one is beyond their control.

Soon, Ia is trapped at the Commonwealth’s military academy, desperately plotting her escape. But new acquaintances—including Brinn, a seemingly average student with a closely-held secret, and their charming Flight Master, Knives—cause Ia to question her own alliances. Can she find a way to escape the Commonwealth’s clutches before these bonds deepen?

In this exhilarating edge-of-your-seat sci-fi adventure—perfect for fans of The Lunar Chronicles—debut author Maura Milan introduces our world to a thrilling new heroine.

Maura Milan

Maura Milan grew up in Chicago, IL but now resides in Los Angeles, where she works in video production. She can be found in cafes drinking green tea lattes and writing and writing and writing. In her free time, Maura enjoys watching Korean dramas, collecting K-pop gifs, and hanging out with her dog. She received a BA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and has placed a number of short films in festivals all over the United States. Ignite the Stars is her debut novel. Read more about Maura on her website.


Friday, October 19

12:00-12:45pmPanel Discussion – Fantastical Worlds and How to Build Them

Location: DSU 3023-25

Sometimes, this universe is just a little…boring. Meet the authors who are experts at creating worlds that are out of this one!

Along with these authors:
Michael Moreci
Teri Polen
Joanna Hathaway
Julien Jamar
Olivia A. Cole

5:00-5:45pmPanel Discussion – Galactic Cupcakes

Location: Little Fox Bakery (314 E Main Ave)

Fantasy authors + fantastic treats? Probably couldn’t get any better. Come see the confectionary delights Little Fox Bakery has whipped up for the occasion while these authors discuss their books, writing habits, and favorite desserts.

Along with these authors:
Olivia A. Cole
Amanda Foody
Erin Summerill
Robyn Schneider
Moderated by C. J. Redwine and Joanna Hathaway