We have a whole new schedule for our 2nd annual YAS Book Con!

Note: The schedule has changed! If you visited this page or downloaded a schedule before October 15, please download a new one by clicking the button below.

Friday Morning & Afternoon

Join us at the Downing Student Union for a full day of panel discussions, writing workshops, and activities.

Friday Evening

We’re taking this party downtown for panel discussions at Spencer’s Coffee, Little Fox Bakery, & More!

9:00am – 9:45am

Panel Discussion – Nice for What?

DSU 3023-25

Sheroes tend to get a bad rap. But if female characters don’t get written from all angles, the same old character will keep showing up. And writing the same-old is way too blasé for these authors.

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Kelly deVos, author of Fat Girl on a Plane

Workshop – Make Your Own Zine with Jen Wang, author of The Prince and the Dressmaker

DSU Room 3006-07

Learn how to make and publish your own zines and mini-comics using simple everyday tools. Work with friends, or make one yourself! Supplies provided.

Workshop – Dance, Write; Repeat with Bree Barton, author of Heart of Thorns

DSU Room 2123

Dance and movement has been huge in Barton’s own fight against depression. It’s why she created Rock ‘n’ Write: to help teen girls talk about the stuff they’re going through in a supportive, inclusive community—then get some words on the page and sweat it out on the dance floor. Join Barton to discuss the relationship between creativity and physical movement. Finding a path back to dancing—albeit the silly kind of dance where she’s twirling around her kitchen—has had a massive impact on Barton’s writing (and her ability to be a functional human).

Activity – Campus Tour with WKU Admissions

Meet at the WKU Admissions table on DSU’s 3rd floor

Jump in for an interactive walking tour of campus. It’s a crash course in campus life: where to eat, where the dorms are, and where to get that morning caffeine jolt. Group registration required; contact us for details.

10:00am – 10:45am

KeynoteNic Stone, author of Dear Martin

DSU Auditorium, Room 1071 (first floor)

Panel Discussion – The Bold & the Brave

DSU Room 3023-25

Chat about writing characters who have to conquer fears, make alliances, and get creative to solve problems in galaxies far, far away (and some re-imagined fictional landscapes that hit a little closer to home).

Featuring these Authors:

Workshop – How to Toon with Joe Wos, author of Maze-O-Zoic

DSU Room 3003-04

Learn the art of cartooning from Joe Wos! Joe Wos is a nationally syndicated cartoonist and has been the visiting resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum for the past 15 years. In his workshop, you will learn how to draw and create comical characters using fun and easy to follow instructions. From the basics of line to character persona, Joe will guide you step-by-step through the creative process. Sketchbooks encouraged, but not required.

11:00am – 11:45am

Nic Stone Book-Signing

DSU Mezzanine, 3rd floor (outside of DSU 3020)

Panel Discussion – I’m Only Me When I’m With You

DSU 3023-25

When life is tough, it’s good to have a friend to lean on. Some of these authors are friends; some write about friendship in the midst of troubling times. Navigating friendships as a teen—in  real life or on the page—can be tricky, but it can also build unlikely (and necessary) camaraderie in real life.

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Courtney Stevens, author of Dress Codes for Small Towns

Workshop – College Admissions Workshop with Juleah del Rosario, author of 500 Words or Less

DSU Room 3006-04

Using examples of college admissions essays from del Rosario’s debut novel, 500 Words or Less, this workshop will explore crafting a personal essay that taps into experiences shape us.

Activity – Yoga

DSU Room 2123 (2nd floor)

Been sitting too long? Stretch it out!

12:00pm – 12:45pm

Panel Discussion – Fantastical Worlds and How to Build Them

DSU 3023-25

Sometimes, this universe is just a little…boring. Meet the authors who are experts at creating worlds that are out of this one!

Featuring these Authors:

Panel Discussion – Epic Landscapes and a Hint of Mystery

DSU 3005

Learn the recipe to writing fascinating tales weaved from fact and fiction. From books set in the Roaring Twenties to a magical orchard to the chemistry classroom—and beyond—these authors are master mixers of real and imagined landscapes.

Featuring these Authors:

Activity – Campus Tour with WKU Admissions

Meet at the WKU Admissions table on DSU’s 3rd floor

Jump in for an interactive walking tour of campus. It’s a crash course in campus life: where to eat, where the dorms are, and where to get that morning caffeine jolt. Registration required; contact us for details.

1:00pm – 1:45pm

Panel Discussion – The Instruments of Writing Believable Characters

DSU 3023-25

Life imitates art. Or is it the other way around? We’re not sure how these authors feel about old Oscar Wilde quotes, but we know their characters all like music. Listen as they discuss the tools they use to write relatable characters you’d want to share a playlist with in real life.

Featuring these Authors:

Workshop – The Publishing Process with Jodi Meadows, co-author of My Plain Jane & author of Before She Ignites

DSU Room 3003-04

Ever wonder how a book gets published? Do you want to publish your own someday? Jodi Meadows, author of over a dozen books and novellas, will take the audience through the entire publishing process—from writing the first draft, to editing, to getting covers, to seeing the book in print for the first time. Bring your publishing questions for a Q&A at the end of the session!

Activity – College Q&A Session with WKU Admissions

DSU Room 3005

Got questions about applying for college? Want to know if it’s right for you? What do you do once you actually get there? What about the dorm situation? And buying books and getting a meal plan? Get these questions and more answered by knowledgeable Admissions staffers.

1:45pm – 2:15pm

Barnes & Noble Bookstore Roundup & Mega Signing

DSU Room 3020 & Mezzanine

It’s a mad dash to buy all the books you didn’t pick up earlier in the day! After making your purchases in DSU 3020, find authors at their signing tables around the mezzanine and ask them to sign your beautiful new books!

4:00pm – 4:45pm

Barnes & Noble Pop-Up Bookstore

@ Spencer’s Coffee (Map it)

It’s your last chance to buy any of the books you didn’t pick up earlier in the day! After making your purchases, find authors at the panel discussions below, and get them to sign your shiny new books!

5:00pm – 5:45pm

Panel Discussion – I Wrote That?!

Little Fox Bakery, 314 E Main Ave (Map it)

It’s the old favorite (and most scary) question asked by author fans and friends alike: “Can I read some of your first tries at writing?” Gather ‘round as these authors—some well-established and some debut—share some of their not-so-great stuff from when they were just starting out.

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Jodi Meadows, co-author of My Plain Jane and author of Before She Ignites

Panel Discussion – Comics & Coffee

Spencer’s Coffee, 915 College St. 

These awesome nerds have found a way to combine their interests and their writing to make adventure-filled books that draw you in from page one. From comics to horror, sci-fi to historical fiction or new spins on fairy tales—these authors are sure to entertain and elevate your imagination.

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Michael Moreci, author of Black Star Renegades

6:00pm – 6:45pm

Panel Discussion – Forging Fierce Females

643 Sports Bar, 360 E 8th Ave (Map it)

Bring your bestie and make a mental reservation to join these wonderful authors to talk books over dinner. All of these authors write fierce female characters that aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and their friends. (The taproom will be reserved, but no drinks unless you’re 21 or older!)

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Kate Hart, author of After the Fall

Panel Discussion – Level Up

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 1680 Campbell Lane (Map it)

These debut authors talk about how real-life experiences fuel their writing (or in some cases, doesn’t). How did they get inspired to write their books? How does research tie in? What messages do they want to convey? Come with your questions; leave with answers (and probably a cupcake)!

Featuring these Authors:

Moderated by Bree Barton, author of Heart of Thorns

9:00pm – 11:00pm (approximate)

Activity – Let’s Go to the Movies!

Regal Cinemas, 323 Great Escape Ave (Map it)

Group showing of The Hate You Give

  •  Sponsored by Molly McCaffrey and David Bell and Sandra and John Baker
  •  Registration required. Email the Coordinator to inquire about tickets