The Lineup

Jul 18, 2018 | Author Info

The Lineup

If you look at the above photo and think, “Hey! That author wasn’t there last year. Or that one!” That’s probably true. Do you know how many authors out there write YA? A LOT. And it’s amazing. The photo is just a visual reminder of who’s attending this year – and it’s less than half the lineup. If an author’s book is pictured on this site, it means you’ll be able to meet the mastermind behind said book live and in-person.

So, how does a lineup come together? Short answer: the Internet.

Long answer? Research (on the Internet). You check what’s being published over the summer & in the fall; which authors blurbed whose book; who that book-Tuber has been reading/loving lately (don’t know what a Booktuber is? check SpeakBreely’s channel, ok?).

How long does it take? Until yesterday. Just kidding (kind of). Authors are booked up to a year in advance, so it takes a lot of stars and schedules aligning before anything gets on the books.

Why the different categories? Because there are so many different readers! If we just invited authors who write fantasy, it’d be more like a, well, fantasy fest (which sounds pretty fun). We like to have a varied list of authors who represent diverse voices, write using different themes, and offer varying points of view – among other things, and our target number is between 35-40 authors. Although there are so many great authors out there, we’re always finding more to invite (even if that’s future-tense). Sometimes, an author will suggest we invite someone, which is even better – because authors who are friends already have a good rapport, and that makes it more fun for everyone. What? You don’t like to travel with a buddy?

Want to see who’ll be at this year’s YAS Book Con? See the whole lineup here